news sur le nouveau gameplay stormblood

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news sur le nouveau gameplay stormblood

Message par mayetis » 07 Mars 2017, 16:24

quelques indices en anglais...

The information in question comes by way of a Reddit fan translation that put together a list of responses to Korean fan questions. During this Q&A session, specifics regarding skills for Paladins, Dark Knights, and Black Mages were offered:

Both Paladin’s Rampart and Dark Knight’s Shadowskin will be replaced with a single skill shared between the two.
Black Mage’s Enochian will be removed and will become a permanent buff
Black Mage Thunder II and III are being removed while Thunder’s potency will be raised as levels are gained.
Debuff abilities are not being removed but will be adjusted, with Paladin’s Rage of Halone and Monk’s Dragon Kick being specifically cited.
Additional information provided by the translation reveals plans to raise the Adventurer in Need bonus in Duty Roulettes to entice more players to play tanks and healers, and cross-realm 24 player parties are tentatively set to arrive with patch 4.1.

It should be noted that the translation itself comes from accounts written by others from Japan, though the Live Letter in question was broadcast on the Korean version’s Twitch channel. “I will take responsibility for the accuracy of my translations, but I can’t say the same for what is actually being translated,” writes Redditor x3_Starlight.

la page complete ici :
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